The Zamonium, which Nightingale created
Physical Information
Life Form: Element
Biographical Information
Home: SS Moloch

From the ‘Encyclopedia of Marvels, Life Forms and Other Phenomena of Zamonia and its Environs’ by Professor Abdullah Nightingale

Zamonium. Legendary element reputed to be capable of thought. The alchemists of Zamonia endeavoured for centuries to create something they referred to as ‘the Philosopher’s Stone’ or ‘Zamonium,’ a mineral from which they hoped to obtain nothing less than the elixir of life and the answers to all unsolved questions. During the eighth century of Zamonia’s existence the legendary alchemist Zoltan Zaan succeeded in producing a stone that could actually think, but did not, unfortunately, surpass the intellectual capacity of a sheep. Legend has it that Zoltan Zaan was so annoyed at having squandered several tons of gold on the manufacture of Zamonium that he threw the stone into the quicksands of Nairland.

In the aftermath of the battle of Nurn Forest, when the alchemists, surgeons, mechanics and weapon smiths came together and built The Copper Killers & General Ticktock, Zoltep Zaan placed a Zamonium Nugget in place of General Ticktock's heart.

Zamonium was confronted by Bluebear in his thirteenth life, while aboard the SS Moloch. In this episode, it is revealed to be insane, as well as being affected with megalomania. With the help of Professor Abdullah Nightingale, Bluebear manages to dispose of it.

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