Water, Zamonian. In Zamonia, water occurs in many very different forms, not only as a liquid, but also as a solid (ice) or a vapour (mist). Solidified water, a rarer variety, is a byproduct of aquashoes (→Professor Nightingale s Solid Soup). The largest reservoir in Zamonia is the Zamonian Sea, which surrounds the continent, though this is hard to render drinkable and must be desalinated at great expense.

For this reason, drinking water is extracted mainly from rivers, lakes, and underground watercourses. Sweet water is found exclusively in the subterranean caverns of the →Demerara Desert, red and green water in the caves beneath the Muchwater Marshes, where it is a product of the discoloration caused by Slipper Animalcules during the mating season.

Birolaninian Birchwater, which is sometimes excreted during heatwaves by the Birolanian Turf Birch, is regarded in certain circles as a sacred liquid endowed with a miraculous ability to cure incurable diseases. Other natural sources of liquid for use in an emergency include rain clouds, the morning dew of vegetable foliage, pressed cacti, camedar humps [→Camedar, The], and human tears and saliva, which are 90 per cent water.

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