Wolperting Whelps. One of South Zamonia agriculturalists' chief sources of income is the breeding of Wolperting Whelps. This industry is based in the town of Wolperting and the countryside that surrounds it. Highly prized as pets throughout Zamonia. Wolperting Whelps are regarded as the pinnacle of cuteness, even surpassing Hackonian Cuddlebunnies and Zamonian Dormice in that respect.

Wolperting Whelps [cont.]. There is a theory, as yet unsupported by scientific evidence. that Wolperting Whelps live on affection when very young. One cannot exclude that they possess telepathic powers that enable them to assimilate the affection they are shown and convert it into calories. Despite their relatively cute appearance, it should be added that these quaint little puppies grow up into Wolpertingers of impressive size. At puberty they measure as much as ten feet from nose to tail, have three rows of fangs, walk on their hind legs, and tend to be pugnacious. They take only six months to reach maturity, so inexperienced Whelp-owners can be traumatized by their lapdogs' rapid development.

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