Nussram Fhakir
Nussram Fhakir the famous Congladiator
General Information
Habitat: The whole of Zamonia
Abilities: Excellent memory, high intelligence and known charme
Physical Information
Extremities: Two arms and legs

Vulpheads are an intelligent race of creatures with a fox's head and a human's body. They are the offspring of Zamonian Wolpertingers and Werefoxes. They are neither as strong as Wolpertings nor as aggressive as Werefoxes, and are known for their intelligence, charm, carpentery skills, and excellent memories. They are not very popular lifeforms, but are respected by most denizens of Zamonia . At the time that "The 13 1⁄2 Lives of Captain Bluebear" took place, Vulpheads generally did not lead easy lives. Many were nomadic, and travelled Zamonia alone. Numerous Vulpheads were encountered by Rumo , Bluebear , and Optimus Yarnspinner during their travels.

Notable IndividualsEdit

Nussram Fhakir the UniqueEdit

Nussram Fhakir the Unique was an Atlantean congladiator , and probably the most famous King of Lies . He has only been defeated once, by Bluebear himself. Nussram was the only Vulphead ever to rise from the role of a peat-cutter to that of a congladiator, and other Vulpheads idolized him for this.

Colophonius RegenscheinEdit

Colophonius Regenschein is author of The Catacombs of Bookholm and one of Bookholm's most famous bookhunters. He surpassed other bookhunters in both success and skill (having spent years learning everything there is to know about the catacombs beneath Bookholm and the books to be found hidden there before ever setting foot underground). He also distinguished himself from them by being both far more intelligent and far less bloodthirsty (a criminal nature being the one bookhunter characterist he lacked). He began as a wandering entertainer, making his living using his superb memory to perform mathematical tricks in taverns, until he went to Bookholm and began his legendary (but short-lived) career as a bookhunter. He mysteriously disappeared in the catacombs (five years before O. Yarnspinner chronicled his own adventures in that city) and was never seen on the surface again.

Twelve-Fingered TimmEdit

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Koram MorakEdit

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