Volzotan Smyke
Volzotan Smyke
Volzotan smoking a Phogar
Physical Information
Life Form: Shark Grub
Gender: Male
Biographical Information
Home: Atlantis
Family: Pfistomel Smyke

Volzotan Smyke is a shark grub who is the main supporting character in Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures. He also appears in Bluebear's book, and is portrayed as an Al Capone-esque character.


In two of Moer's books, Volzotan has played various roles, as a supporting protagonist (Rumo) or as a kingpin-esque tycoon antagonist (Captain Bluebear). In a nutshell, he is a recurring character who is always marked with his charming yet imposing demanor against or with the protagonist.

The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain BluebearEdit

Volzotan was first encountered by Bluebear and his friend Clemuth in Atlantis, where Smyke was classified by Bluebear, "The uncrowned king of Atlantis itself", as he ran the congladatorial contests, ran the professional Gebba league and controlled the harbour of Atlantis, which imports and exports sundry products, such as pork, pixie stars, hard liquor, and various illicit or obscure products. Bluebear met Smyke in a shady bar named "The Filthy Fleece" to sign up for Congladiator compititions, where he was tricked into signing a contract which was to give consent to Smyke to sell them as slaves to the Moloch if they disobeyed his orders. Volzotan appears to have several accomplices, Rumo, his personal bodyguard, and a gang of Yetis and Bluddums.

Rumo and His Miraculous AdventuresEdit

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