Troglotroll, The. Distantly related to the Common Gnomelet, the Troglotroll can claim to be the most despised creature in Zamonia, more so even than the →Bollogg. Whereas other malignant life forms are at least distinguished by their audacity or demand respect on account of their physical superiority, the Troglotroll possesses no laudable attributes at all; worse still, it doesn't even pretend to any and rejoices in its obnoxiousness. In certain administrative districts in Zamonia, 'Troglotroll!' is considered to be a personal insult carrying a heavy fine. It has been known to spark of barroom brawls, duels, family feuds - even minor civil wars.

The Troglotroll is a semihumanoid shadow-parasite of the lowest order. In other words, it favours dim, dank surroundings, shuns daylight, and lives in other creatures' homes [→Mountain Maggot, The] - without, of course, asking their permission or paying them rent.

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