Tornado Stops
Tornado Stops
A Tornado Stop
Route of the Eternal Tornado
The stops are spread all over this route
General Information
Location Demerara Desert

Tornado Stops. A curious feature of the Demerara Desert, these are erected on the route of a tornado which is thought to be everlasting, always travels in the same direction, and is popularly known as Eternal Tornado [->Eternal Tornado, The]. Many travelers use this whirlwind as a means of transportation and hitch a ride in it for part of the way.

Tornado Stops [cont.] It is a traditional Zamonian custom to erect stop signs on the route of the Eternal Tornado [->Eternal Tornado, The]. These serve to guide those who leave sacrificial offerings for the whirlwind, which many Zamonia’s inhabitants worship as a deity. They believe it to be an animate, supernatural being that can be appeased, or induced to grant wishes, by gifts. As mentioned above, the stop signs are occasionally misinterpreted as an invitation to ride aboard this meteorological phenomenon or constructed as a challenge y death-defying adventurers. It is said that some naïve souls are actually prepared to run the risk of travelling aboard a meteorological phenomenon that eats its way through the countryside while rotating at 5000 r.p.m. Sensible wayfarers, on the other hand, construe the stop signs as a warning – a kind of recommendation to quit the area as fast as possible.

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