Subcutaneous Suicide Squad
Subcutaneous Suicide Squad
One of many shapes
General Information
Home: Tykhon Zyphos' Laboratory
Habitat: Infected beings
Abilities: Changing shape
Physical Information
Extremities: Varied

The Subcutaneous Suicide Squad is a disease produced by Tykhon Zyphos under the orders of General Ticktock which, when injected into someone, not only murders them, but also eats away at their body until there is nothing left. The virus leaves behind a rear guard in order to prevent an antidote from undoing the damage it has already caused. Thanks to its great intelligence, it is a learning virus, can change form if need be, and does so constantly, while making a clicking noise. It was used against Rala of the forest, by General Ticktock, who was studying the what he called the "art of death". It was vital to the storyline of Rumo and His Miraculous Adventures, as it temporarily killed Rala of the forest, and killed Friftar, King Gornab's equally evil royal advisor.

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