The Labyrinth of Dreaming Books
The Labyrinth of Dreaming Books
Labyrinth of Dreaming Books
General Information
Author: Walter Moers
Illustrator: Walter Moers
Translator: John Brownjohn
Publication Order
Preceded by The Alchemaster's Apprentice
followed by: The Castle of Dreaming Books

'The Labyrinth of Dreaming Books' is the immediate sequel to The City of Dreaming Books; and features some of the same principal characters.

Plot Edit

At the beginning of the story, Optimus Yarnspinner has become a best-selling author, but in so doing has lost the art of inspired writing (known as the 'Orm'), and lately become a mediocre writer. In the midst of a semiretired life, he is surprised by a letter written apparently by himself to himself, from Bookholm, and returns to that city in search of its true author. Once there, he reconnects with a compatriot, Ovidius Versewhetter, whose choral poem on the burning and restoration of Bookholm is the city's principal souvenir. From the dying Ahmed ben Kibitzer (a Nocturnomath, and long-time friend of his), Yarnspinner learns that the author is most likely Homuncolossus. Shortly thereafter, Yarnspinner is introduced by another friend, Inazia Azinazi, to the puppet-theatre run by [[Corodiak Smyke]], and becomes an enthusiastic scholar of the puppetry practiced throughout modern Bookholm. When invited by Corodiak to a special performance in the catacombs, Yarnspinner is stranded therein; and the story concludes therewith.

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