The Great Forest
Spiderwitch chasing Bluebear
Spiderwitch chasing Bluebear across The Great Forest
The Great Forest (map)
North Zamonia
General Information
Inhabitants Spiderwitch, Chromobears

From the
Encyclopedia of Marvels, Life Forms and Other Phenomena of Zamonia and its Environs
by Professor Abdullah Nightingale

Great Forest, The. The Great Forest owes its somewhat unimaginative name to the fact that no one wants anything to do with it, even in theory. It is simply avoided on principle. Everyone gives it a wide berth and advises everyone else not to set foot in it. The few people who have entered the forest in defiance of this advice have never been seen again. Many assert that the forest is inhabited by plant-sprites and leaf-witches; others surmise that it is a single evil being whose roots reach down to Hell and are watered by the Great Goat himself. Where these legends come from and on what factual circumstance they are based unknown. The inhabitants of Zamonia have simply and tacitly agreed never to enter the Great Forest.

Great Forest, The [cont.]. According to one legend, the Great Forest used many years ago, in its inhabited days, to be the haunt of a special kind of bear with coloured fur (→Ursus polychromus). These animals are said to have been good-natured, sedentary creatures with a talent for bee-keeping. The legend further states that they vanished from the forest one day, but nobody knows why or where they went to.

Great Forest, The [cont.]. The Great Forest gets most of its water from the numerous underground streams that permeate the soil. It very seldom rains in the Great Forest - only, in fact, on the occasion of one of the rare Gloomberg Tempests. If a Gloomberg Tempest has just occurred it may be months, if not years, before the next rain can be expected.

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