Bollogg's Head
The Bollogg's Head
The Bollogg's Head
Bollogg's Head (map)
East Zamonia
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Inhabitants Ideas, Scintillas

Bollogg's Head, The. Several Zamonian legends all state that, in early times, the contienent was inhabited by Bolloggs for bigger than the ones surviving today. The most tangible clue to the existence of these prehistoric Megabolloggs is the so-called Bollogg’s head in the Humungous Mountains in eastern Zamonia. It is surmised that one of these huge, primeval Bolloggs deposited his head in the mountain range’s deepest gorge and then set off to look for it. The Bollogg’s head is approximately fifteen miles high and about the same distance across. It consists for the most part of dense, matted hair which continues to grow some sixty feet a year. The hair is inhabited by numerous small insects, chamois and nesting birds, as well as by the dreaded -> Bollog Fleas.

The interior of the skill is estimated to contain a brain with a volume of roughly fifteen cubic miles, but size and weight are no indication of a creature’s intelligence. An elephant’s brain weighs on average twelve pounds, whereas that of a Nocturnomath tips the scales at half a pound. It might even be contended that a creature’s intelligence decreases in inverse relation to the size of its thinking apparatus. The bigger the brain, the more widely separated its various lobes and the poorer their lines of communication. Better than a large brain, therefore, are several well-connected smaller ones. It is further surmised that the Bollogg’s Head is not dead but asleep, because it allegedly emits periodic snores and mutters unintelligibly from time to time.

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