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Succubus Ghoolion
Succubus Ghoolion.jpg
Succubus writing the contract for Echo
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Biographical Information
Home: Castle in Malaisea
Occupation: Alchemaster

Succubus Ghoolion, usually called Ghoolion, is the tyrant of Malasiea. He is the one who creates all the diseases that makes everyone in Malasiea sick. Everyone in town hates him. There are stories told by the citizens of Malaisea that he is able to transform into other creatures and spy on people.

He is a very skilled alchemaster and cook because as he says the two are very related. In the cellars of his castle he has an amazing amount of materials from the last breath of an animal to the rarest elements, all of which are stored in balls of fat.

It is later revealed that the reason why Ghoolion cooked was in preparation for the day that his love would come to him. Ghoolion says that he "cooked an elaborate meal whenever the frenzy of love overcame [him]." He would then take those meals down to a dining room, where he left them to pile up and rot. It turns out that his love was Floria of Ingotville, Echo's late owner and that Ghoolion was the young man that she had fallen in love with.

Ghoolion explained that that handsome young man that fell in love with Floria died in The Battle of the Gloomberg Mountains. He found himself half dead on a pile of other people that he had killed. An old alchemist was able to patch Ghoolion up, but after his recovery, his appearance was radically different. Ghoolion was no longer the handsome young man that he was before. And so he became a completely different person.