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General Information
Habitat: Catacombs of Bookholm
Abilities: Imperishable scales, muscles and bones
Physical Information
Extremities: Sixteen legs

A spinxxxx is a sixteen legged spider that inhabits the catacombs of bookholm. It is blind, deaf and devoid of a sense of smell. It is usally view as one of the most dangerous creatures of the catacombs with scales of granite, mussles of root wood, bones of bronze, intestines of carbon fibre, and a diamond heart that pumps resin instead of blood. It's feeding equipment too is unsurpassed: a mouth filled with stone teeth for chewing,bronze claws for tearing prey apart,and a long trunk for sucking it dry. So far the only known way to kill a spinxxxx was to throw an exploding hazordous book into the mouth of a spinxxxx, which suddgest that it's mouth is it's only weak spot. The only person shown to do so was Hunk Hoggno.

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