Skullop the Scyther
Skullop the Scyther
Skullop (undead)
Physical Information
Life Form: Yeti
Gender: Male
Biographical Information
Home: Oil Lake
Occupation: Soldier

An undead yeti that ( before he was undead ) led an army of yetis from the Gloomberg Mountains who one time was dumped by the Lindworms of molten lead and boiling tar. Then, one day Skullop's army suddenly found themselves on the borders of Nairland. They reached a part of in which consisted of sand. However, Skullop's army of yetis did not know that this sand wasn't just any regular kind of sand, but was actually Cogitating Quicksand. Right when Skullop was about to give the signal to advance across it, he heard a strange voice in his head.

"Don't," It said. "I'm quicksand - Cogitating Quicksand. I'll swallow you up."

But Skullop had heard that there was a great treasure buried in a volcano in the middle of Nairland and he was not going to be bamboozled by a voice inside his head. So he and his army advanced across the quicksand and was unpleasantly swallowed up and suffocated by the treacherous sands in the pit. From that time on Skullop became undead and lived down in the Netherworld with his undead yeti army.

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