Shark Grub
Shark Grub
A Shark Grub in Bookholm
General Information
Home: Zamonian Sea
Habitat: Whole of Zamonia, mostly dwelling in cities.
Abilities: Outstanding intelligent and scheming
Physical Information
Extremities: Fourteen arms

A race of highly intelligent creatures with 14 arms and shark-like features.

Shark Grub, The. A crawling maggot of the gill-breathing, semi-insect family, distantly related to the world of fish. Shark Grubs, which are seldom seen, prefer to live in opaque conditions and shroud themselves in phogar smoke. They are highly intelligent (except when compared to Nocturnomaths) and notorious for their ability to accumulate money in swift and mysterious ways. Often charming and affable in demeanor, the Shark Grub has a special aptitude for imposing its authority on groups of weak-willed individuals.

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