Sharach il Allah

From the ‘Encyclopedia of Marvels, Life Forms and Other Phenomena of Zamonia and its Environsby Professor Abdullah Nightingale

Sharach-il-Allah. Some five hundred kinds of sugarstorm occur in the Demerara Desert, ranging from dinky little dust devils to hurricanes and tornadoes [→Eternal Tornado, The]. The most dangerous form of sugarstorm, which travels horizontally, is commonly known by the Arabic name ‘Sharach-il-Allah,’ or, loosely translated, ‘God’s Sanding Block.’ This compresses sugar-sand to such an extent that it bakes itself into a solid, concretelike mass shaped like a brick and several miles long. Travelling at speeds of up to 250 m.p.h., it buffs away all that stands in its path, whether animal or human being, building or mountain. If a Sharach-il-Allah is approaching, the only thing to do is to bury yourself as deeply as possible and hope that the storm fails to find you.

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