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Rumo of Zamonia
Rumo of Zamonia.jpg
Young Rumo
Physical Information
Life Form: Wolperting
Gender: Male
Hair/Fur colour: White
Biographical Information
Home: Wolperting
Occupation: Carpenter

Rumo of Zamonia is a civilized Wolperting, and the protagonist of the book Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures. During the book Rumo falls in love with Rala of the Forest, a Wolpertingess, and the sister of Rolv of the Forest. She also falls in love with him, which is good, because she is his Silver Thread. After the inhabitants of Wolperting (the city named for their kind) are kidnapped by Hellings, Rumo embarks on a mission to rescue them, traveling deep into the Earth to find the city Hel (no ties to Hell). Rumo is named for a Zamonian card game Rumo in which rumo is the move with both the greatest risk and the largest possible payout.

Early Life[]

Rumo is introduced as an infant under the care of a family of Hackonian Dwarves. There he was treated royally, as most uncivilized Wolpertings are because of how cute the owners consider them to be, much like a household dog. Still an infant, Rumo spent every day on the farm being catered for and adored.

It's no surprise that when the dwarves went missing he sought them out. When he found them Rumo bumbled into a room full of Demonocles who were kidnapping the farmers, and who subsequently decided to kidnap him too. The Demonocles then returned to their mobile island, Roaming_Rock, with the dwarves and Rumo in tow.

Roaming Rock[]

The Demonocles tossed Rumo, the dwarves, and all the accumulated livestock into a larder cave where Rumo found a small cleft to hide. For a while he went unnoticed by his captors and he explored the cave whenever he desired.

When exploring he found a pool of cloudy, sulfurous water, and later a creature rose out of it. He introduced himself as Volzotan Smyke. Smyke took Rumo under his wing and taught the pup everything he knew about fighting.

As Rumo grew he became a choice morsel to the Demonocles. Not only was he rare, but he was incredibly strong, and the Demonocles chieftains claimed him as their meal for their next festival, which Smyke had banked upon. During Smyke's last lessons, Rumo learned the weakness the Demonocles' weakness, their spine extends into their tongue, and breaking their tongues it akin to snapping someone's neck.

During the festival Rumo slaughtered the vast majority of the Demonocles and put the rest to flight while Roaming Rock ran aground. Rumo then made for the coast, and met up with Smyke who ferried him across to the mainland.