Rala of the Forest
Rala of the Forest
Physical Information
Life Form: Wolperting
Gender: Female
Biographical Information
Home: Wolperting
Family: Rolv of the Forest


Rala of the Forest was a civilized wolperting girl who cultivates a hazardous relationship with death and followed the footsteps of the Wild Bear God, Tallon when she was growing up in the Forest. Rala was Rumo's sweetheart (in fact, he made a casket for her in the Nurn Forest where he found Krindle) and later on Rala began to fall in love with Rumo. Of course, Rumo didn't know this until until the very end when he followed the silver thread into her door (where some miracles could only happen in the dark).

She is also the sister of Rolv (in which Rumo hates in the beginning), who she met in the forest shortly after Tallon the Bear God was killed by a Bluddum. She was killed by the Metal Maiden, but was thankfully brought back to life by Smyke (long story).