Roving Reptilian Rescuer
Reptilian Rescuers
Reptilian Rescuer
General Information
Habitat: Whole world
Abilities: Sensing danger
Physical Information
Extremities: Two wings and legs and a tail

From the
Encyclopedia of Marvels, Life Forms and Other Phenomena of Zamonia and its Environs
by Professor Abdullah Nightingale

Pterodactylus Salvator, The. The Pterodactylus Salvator or Roving Reptilian Rescuer belongs, like the Zamonian →Sewer Dragon and the →Tyrannomobyus Rex, to a family of dinosaurs close to extinction. The world's surviving population of Pterodactyls is estimated at several thousand, but their numbers are steadily diminishing. Although they possess a few birdlike attributes, for instance horny beaks and wings capable of aerodynamic propulsion, they lay no eggs and behave in a very unbirdlike manner from other points of view as well. They eat no earthworms or fieldmice, adhere to an exclusively vegetarian diet for reasons of physical fitness, and are linguistically gifted to a high degree. Common to them all is a propensity for preserving other life forms from danger. Pterodactyls pursue that goal with a thoroughly professional alacrity, operating in accordance with a strict code of conduct. They endeavour to make their operations as exciting and dramatic as possible, even competing to see which of them can wait longest before effecting a rescue. That is why they spend so long circling above their prospective customers and refrain from coming to their assistance until the very last moment. There is no satisfactory scientific explanation for the altruistic conduct of these flying lizards. Taciturn and uncommunicative on principle, pterodactyls make no attempt to account for their behaviour. It is, however, presumed to be associated with their imminent extinction. Since dinosaurs have made no noteworthy contribution to history apart from eating and being eaten, pterodactyls are trying to leave their mark on the memory of man by being helpful.

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