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Chest-of-Drawers Oracle
Chest of Drawers Oracle.jpg
The Zamonian Chest-of-Drawers Oracle
General Information
Type: Scientific apparatus
Source: Ancient darkness
Purpose: Showing a part of the future

If you concentrate on the chest-of-drawers, you are able to see a major moment in anyone's future.

Appearance in Rumo's Adventures[]

While at the annual fair outside Wolperting, after Rumo tries a phogar and accidentally vomits on Professor Nightingale's vest, Professor Nightingale asks Rumo to try out his chest-of-drawers oracle to repay him for his vest. Rumo decides to see Rala's fate but is so emotional by this event that Professor Nightingale had to transfer the information to his brain so that Rumo didn't have to suffer with the information anymore.