From the
Encyclopedia of Marvels, Life Forms and Other Phenomena of Zamonia and its Environs
by Professor Abdullah Nightingale

Muggs, The. Nomadic desert tribe resident in the Demerara Desert of Zamonia. Thrown together by chance, this is an ad hoc community of social dropouts and outcasts who sought salvations in solitude but failed to find it and formed a nomadic tribal association whose numbers are still growing. If the Muggs find persons lost or suffering from hardship in the desert, they take them under their wind and into their tribe regardless of status, wealth, gender or the dimension from which they come. Avowedly unwilling to lead a conventional, orderly, middle-class existence, the Muggs pursue their own ideals of freedom, leisure, and independence, preferably in extreme temperatures.

The Muggs are sociable, hospitable, fond of animals, and firmly opposed to altercations of any kind. They readily espouse muddle socio-political ideas and have a predilection for bizarre names. They are expert Camedary breeders [→Camedary, The] and have for some years been roaming the Demerara Desert, in quest of a legendary city named →Anagrom Ataf.

The Muggs’ clothing consists of a length of dark blue muggwool (a wool obtained from a blue edible mushroom which also plays a predominant role in the Muggs diet [→Muggroom, The.] Several yards long, this cloth is wound several times around the body and head until no ray of sunlight can reach the skin. Two miniature periscopes are always worn at eye level because the Muggs make a habit of burying themselves when sandstorms are imminent and like to keep a lookout.

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