Krindle as one half of a sword
Physical Information
Life Form: formerly Demon
Gender: Male
Biographical Information
Family: (Rumo, Dandelion)
Occupation: formerly Demonic Warrior, now sword

The other half of Rumo's sword in Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures. He is a blood thirsty Demonic Warrior, whom dislikes any action of kindness and love. He eventually forgives Rumo for his pacifistic ways. He was awakened after Rumo slayed the Nurn in Nurn Forest. He dislikes the other half of Rumo's sword, Dandelion, who loves poetry and art. (The only art Krindle likes is the art of death.) In the Fridgicaves, Rumo begins to drown and Krindle teaches him how to swim. His enemy, who killed him, is Skullop the Scyther, a Yeti who guides Rumo through Netherworld. His favorite song is, "The Blood Song," which he teaches to Rumo. Rumo sings it in his descent into Netherworld, allowing him to "see" his surroundings. The chorus of the Blood Song goes like this:

Blood! Blood!

Blood must spurt and blood must flow!

Blood! Blood!

Blood must gush from every foe!

Blood as far as the eye can see!

Blood for all eternity!

His second favorite song is the Brain Song, of which we only know the chorus:

Brains! Brains!

Cleave the skull and out they seep!

Brains! Brains!

Killing's fun and life is cheap!

He has a very warped sense of humor, one that usually disgusts Dandelion, almost as much as these songs do.

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