Izanuela Anazazi
Izanuela Anazazi
Izanuela with a hat
Physical Information
Life Form: Uggly
Gender: Female
Skin colour: Purple
Biographical Information
Home: Malaisea
Occupation: Healer

Izanuela Anazazi is the last Uggly living in Malaisea because of the persecution against Ugglies led by Ghoolion. She lives on Uggly Lane (where they are only allowed to live) in an "organic" looking house, the inside of which looks like a cave. Her house turns out to be a living tree called an Ugglian Oak because only Ugglies live in them.

At first she tells Echo that she's a horribly unskilled Uggly who barely passed Uggly School. On their third meeting, she admits that she's actually an extremely skilled Uggly, having won numerous awards such as the five necromantic stars (a prestigious award where only one Uggly in a hundred receives it), and the Green Thumb of Watervale (the most highly prized award in the field of floristic beauty an award in which she was nominated for three times).

Her house has a cellar ( which she's not supposed to have) in which she has a vast collection of plants including:

Aurucula, Daggerthistle, Pharsley, Pheasant's Eye, Twin-Toungues Adderhead, Bullfinch Furze, Consumptive's Cough, Trigonelle, Venus-Hair, Marsh Tea, Cat's Foot, Hound's Tongue, Ghost Grass, Guillotinea, Graveyard Moss, Devil's Besom, Trombophonic Toadstool, Executioner's Axe, Dead Man's Finger, Corpse-Glove, Ballerina Blossom, Cobra Thistle, Throttlefern, Twitching Terebinth, Breezegrass, Clapperatus Applaudiens, Trampoline Fern, Lemon Balm, Poppy Orange, Blossoming Nutmeg, Gingerbread Japonica, Sprouting Vanilla, Marzipan Tomato, Cinnamon Citronelle and many, many more.

All of the plants survive because she puts lava worms in the soil that give the plants their light. Inzanuela insists that they're better than the sunlight because they give the plants light day and night.

Because of her great love of plants, she's a Casesinian, a person who only eats cheese. She has a great collection of cheeses in her cellar. In her collection of cheeses is the scent of Grailsundian Miner's Cheese.

When Izanuela shows Echo around her house, she finally confesses the reason why she stayed in Malasiea. It wasn't only because she had great business (because she had no competition), but because she was actually in love with Ghoolion.

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