Ingotville (map)
Central Zamonia
General Information
Economy: Metalworking industry

Ingotville is a town that is described by Echo as follows:

"Ingotville ... is the ugliest, dirtiest, most dangerous, and unpopular city in the whole of Zamonia. It consists entirely of metal, or rusty iron and poisonous lead, tarnished copper and brass, nuts and bolts, machines and factories. The city itslef is said to be a gigantic machine that's very, very slowly propelling itself towards an unknown destination. Most of Zamonia's metalworking industry is based there and even the products is manufactures are ugly: weapons and barbed wire, garrottes and Iron Maidens, cages, and handcuffs, suits of armour and executioner's axes. Most of the inhabitants dwell in corrugated-iron huts black with coal dust and corroded by the acid rain that falls there almost icessantly. Those who can afford to - the gold barons and lead tycoons, arms dealers and arms manufacturers - live in steel fortresses, in constant fear of their starving and discontented underlings and workers. Ingotville is a city traversed by streams of acid and oil, perpetually overhung by a pall of soot and storm clouds in which shafts of lightning flash and thunder rumbles. The grimy air is forever filled with the pounding and hissing of machinery, the squeak of rusty hinges and the rattle of chains. Many of the inhabitants are machines themselves. It's a vile city, perhaps the vilest of Zamonia."

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