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Various Hobgoblins
General Information
Home: Graveyards
Habitat: Hobgoblin Island
Abilities: Feeding from emotions
Diet: Negative feelings
Physical Information
Extremities: Mostly two arms and legs

Hobgoblins are univerally hated invertabrates formed when a will-o'-the-wisp encounters a pocket of Graveyard Gas.


Hobgoblins are of a disgusting, sometimes scary appearance, but their appearance can vary in several ways. Hobgoblins can have remarkably different body and head shapes, although most appear to have two legs and 2 arms, one or two eyes, horns, and mouths with sharp teeth. Hobgoblins also generate a faint green glow around them.

Interest in Emotions[]


Because hobgoblins lack a nervous system, they can not feel emotions, although they can experience pleasure. Because they can not feel emotions, they are deeply interested in them. They are especially interested in negative emotions like fear, despair, and sorrow. This is why they take an interest in the crying of other creatures.

Hobgoblins feed on fear, and enjoy frightening other creatures. They dilibately frighten other creatures in order to feed. Feeding usually occurs at night, and in packs. Hobgoblins often feed on the fear of seafarers. After feeding, hobgoblins can appear plump.


Hobgoblins move in a slithery way. Hobgoblins can "hover" above the ground, and glide above the surface of both land and water. They also have the ability to travel directly through objects that are blocking their way, such as rocks or trees. Due to their method of transportation, they are quite fast.

Other Attributes[]

When a hobgoblin is near, you are likely to see "serpentine" threads of green colored light, or hear "hollow mocking laughs", or a "nasty, high pitched, electric hum." They also make sound like hisses and wails. They speak in high pitch, song-like voices, but do not speak Zamonian. Hobgoblins have often been known to communicate with tree creatures by using a sign language of sorts. Minipirates beleive that Hobgoblins can be deterred by light and loud noises.. When touching a Hobgoblin, you receive a slight electric shock. The Hobgoblins on Hobgoblin Island give off a smell resembling that of rotting wood due to the hollow trunks of gigantic trees in which they sleep.

"The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear"[]

In "The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear", Bluebear is left by the minipirates on Hobgoblin Island, he is taken in by the Hobgoblins, when they discover his talent for crying. Bluebear performs for the Hobgoblins for some time, crying in a variety of different ways for them. He becomes somewhat of a star to the Hobgoblins, who provide him with food and water. Eventually, Bluebear becomes ashamed of how much he is becoming like the Hobgoblins. Bluebear decides to leave the island.