Grailsundian Miner's Breath is a cheese that is located in Grailsund. Caseinians, including Inzanuela, are required to a pilgramage there at least once in their lifetime. The cheese is "as big as several houses piled on top of one another." According to Izanuela:

"Miner's Breath has to ripen in a mine, of course, so the Grailsundians dug the deepest cheese mine ever excavated. The cheese has been maturing down there for over a thousand years and is still far from fully ripe. No one may eat any - it's prohibited on pain of death! - but one can smell it."

Echo is allowed a whiff and he describes the experience as follows:

"The smell was so intense, so physically palpable, it threatened to cut off his air supply. Then an alarming sensation subsided as he felt as if his stomach were full of hot olive oil. He became warm and sleepy.."

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