Gornab the Ninety Ninth
Gornab the Ninety-Ninth
Physical Information
Life Form: Helling
Gender: Male
Skin colour: White
Hair/Fur colour: Silver
Biographical Information
Home: Hel
Family: Gornab Dynasty
Occupation: King
Affiliation: Netherworld

The crazy demented dwarf king of Hel and Netherworld who once sent men to kidnap the whole city of Wolperting. Gornab always mixes up his words. If he says,"Greetings, new captives of the Theatre of Death," he would usually say,"Ingreets, new tivecaps of the Theetra of Thead!" The audience of the Theatre of Death usually never knows what he's saying, so with the help of Gornab's assistant, Fiftar, the audience can easily understand him because Fiftar translates the king's words for them. Fiftar was certainly the second most important person, not only in the Theatre of Death, but in all of Hel and the whole of Netherworld.

The whole Gornab family was truely insane. The citizens of Hel, which are called Hellings, believe that Gornab the first could split whole boulders with his head, and that he single-handedly carved Hel out of the rock with his own bare fists ( well, actually the Hellings were forced by Gornab to believe this ).

It was Gornab the Fifty-First that came up with the idea of the Theatre of Death. Gornab the Fifty-First thought it was the most entertaining spectacle he had ever witnessed. He ordered his architects to construct, in the center of the city, a huge octagonal stadium where exhibition bouts between Vrahoks and slaves could be staged for his enjoyment. Experience showed, however, that it was not a good idea to stage fights with Vrahoks. They were far too wild, became too enraged, broke the hypnotic spell of the alchemic perfume and often turned dangerous. They trampled their keepers to death, devoured members of the audience and - on one occasion - almost made a meal of Gornab the Fifty-First himself.

Once, Gornab the Sixty-third forced all of Hel to not talk for a year. The only communication they could use was softly whispering.

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