Floria of Ingotville
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Physical Information
Gender: Female
Biographical Information
Home: formerly Ingotville, lastly Malaisea

Floria was the daughter of a rich lead tycoon in Ingotville. When she was old enough to get married, many men sought her. Not only was she rich, but she was absolutely beautiful. Floria's appearance wasn't even described, instead the reader is told to "fill the blank with their imagination." Her suitors had to be wealthy and go through several challenges to show that they were worthy of her, such as bending the thickest iron bar, making the finest sword, bringing lead to a boil the fastest etc. Once there were only three men left, the final challenge was to answer three of her questions. Her "questions were so subtle and ingenious that none of the suitors managed to come up with a sensible answer to them." Then one man arrived and apologized for being late. He easily did all the challenges and when it came to the questions, Floria was already in love with him, for he was extremely handsome, and gave him easy questions to answer. For her last question, she took him aside and explained to the young man that she already had a lover, but her lover was poor and so he couldn't compete in the contest. Floria asked the young man to give her money, since he was already rich, to help her. The young man gave her the money, as a sign of his great love for her and she made hime promise to come back and visit her regularly in the future. Floria's request for money was actually a test to see how much the young man loved her because there was no poor lover.

Floria waited for the young man's return, but he never came. She heard the news that he had "joined an army of mercenaries" and "had been killed during the Battle of the Gloomberg Mountains." Floria was so depressed that she moved away from Ingotville to Malaisea. She lived out the rest of her life in the disease-ridden town.

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