From the
Encyclopedia of Marvels, Life Forms and Other Phenomena of Zamonia and its Environs
by Professor Abdullah Nightingale

Equitemporal Tunnelling of Dimensions, The. The time known to us is divided into EARLIER and LATER, NOW and IMMEDIATELY, SHORTLY and PREVIOUSLY, YESTERDAY and TODAY, TOMORROW, SOON, EVENTUALLY, AT ONE TIME, FINALLY, ULTIMATELY, FORMERLY, HITHERTO, and MEANWHILE. But all of these junctures once occurred in the PRESENT and will sometimes be in the PAST, and, after a considerable period, IN THE OLD DAYS - or, to use somewhat more old-fashioned terminology, IN DAYS OF YORE. How can this be? It's hard to say. The only certainty is that dimensions are connected by tunnels whose entrances and exits are dimensional hiatuses. and that time flows back and forth through these tunnels from one dimension to another. This may provide an answer to the major question of how time can vanish while remaining omnipresent.

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