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Encyclopedia of Marvels, Life Forms and Other Phenomena of Zamonia and its Environs

by Professor Abdullah Nightingale

Dimensional Hiatuses. Anyone venturing into a dimensional hiatus should realise in advance that everything in an alien dimension can be fundamentally different. It may lack something important - air, for example - or the atmosphere may consist of water, or lead, or concrete. The laws of nature that prevail there may be quite different from our own. There may be no gravity, no time, or no space. Another dimension could, for instance, consist of congealed boredom or musical frigidity, of lethal poison gas or a solar temperature registering many thousands of degrees, of high-voltage electricity or unfulfilled wishes.

There are said to be dimensions in which sorrow is the staple food of creatures that vegetate in little pools of grief. Many dimensions are so tiny - minidimensions with very, very small natural laws - that our planet would be compressed to the size of a pinhead on entering them. Others, again, are so big that even their atoms are bigger than our native planet. There are some dimensions in which only thoughts can survive and others inhabited exclusively by unpleasant sensations like hunger or envy in the form of little red pretzels that can sing. Anything is possible!

Land in a two-dimensional dimension and you're squashed as flat as a pancake. A one-dimensional dimension will stretch you like an endless rubber band, a five-dimensional one will transform you into a radio wave with a headache. As for an eight-dimensional dimension, its appearance cannot be conveyed in our language. Only one thing is certain: those who enter another dimension must change their way of life, possibly in the most drastic manner.

Dimensional Hiatuses [cont.]. Once a person has travelled from one dimension to another, returning by the same route is the unlikeliest thing that could happen to him in the know dimensional system. The odds against his landing in the original dimension are a nightillion to one.

In addition, it is said that a person who ventures close to such a dimensional hiatus will detect the smell of Genff, a substance emitted by transdimentional time snails. A person who travels through a hiatus immediately becomes overcome by Carefree Catalepsy, a state of pandimensional delirium.

In The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear, Bluebear and Qwerty Uiop meet up in such a hiatus.

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