Rickshaw Demon
A Rickshaw Demon
General Information
Home: China, Zamonia and many other
Habitat: All of Zamonia
Abilities: Various
Physical Information
Extremities: Mostly two arms and legs

Demons are a Zamonian life form which do not have easy lives. This is because of their horrific appearance and aggressive attitude. Because of their aggressiveness, many were killed. This caused many demons to join together for mutual protection and to cause as much havoc as possible. Their main goal is to die in battle honourable and be sent to Netherworld.

The types of demonic groups range from small highwaymen groups, tribes, consisting of hundreds at times, and demonic armies.

If two tribes met they would either fight each other to the death or join each other, forming a demonic army. These armies would travel around murdering or pillaging until they met another army. It is unknown for two armies to join together, as most of the time they would fight to the death. Demonic battles were brutal with massive casualties on each side. This phrase is used by Zamonians when there is a war with heavy casualties on either side without a clear cut winner.

If a demon died in battle, they would be sent to Netherworld, where blood flows by the bucket full.

Demonic songEdit

A notable battle cry for demons is the blood song:

Blood must spurt and blood must flow
Let blood gush from every foe
Blood as far as eye can see
Blood to all eternity

Swing the sword with all your might
Cleave your foe from head to heel
Let your blade his innards bite
Lay them open with cold steel

Notable demonsEdit

Krindle, one of the souls embedded into Rumo's sword.

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