Nussram Fhakir

Nussram Fhakir, the Unique

Congladiator fights are verbal, not physical, and are held in Atlantis. They happen every Wednesday night a large crowd almost always attend. They are fights in which two animals from within Atlantis exchange stories that are, strangely, all lies. (This is what they get their name from.)

Congladiators of Atlantis, The. Popular idols endowed with an ability to con an audience in an entertaining manner. Professional congladiators regulary engage in so-called Duels of Lies at the Megathon in Atlantis, where they compete for the title 'King of Lies' by exchanging fictitious stories. Audiences assess and evaluate the contestants' relative entertainment value with the aid of a rather complicates scoring system. In order to practise this profession, apirants must undergo intensive training at Liars' Institute, rising by degrees from assistant liar to certified congladiator. The congladiators of Atlantis belong to the Self-Employed Guild. They combine the talents of a conman, comedian, stage actor, samurai, heavyweight boxer, chess grandmaster, and - of course - Roman gladiator.
Congladiators are more idolized in Atlantis than any other kind of talented entertainer. Popular congladiators have schools and observatories named after them. To keep his name on everyone's lip, the reigning King of Lies has it stamped on every loaf of bread baked in Atlantis. The most popular of all time was -> Nussram Fhakir the Unique, who held the title for twelfe years before relinquishing it of his own free will.

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