A Camedary
General Information
Habitat: Demerara Desert
Abilities: Carrying heavy loads, storing immens quantities of water, which can be extracted
Physical Information
Extremities: Four legs

From the
Encyclopedia of Marvels, Life Forms and Other Phenomena of Zamonia and its Environs
by Professor Abdullah Nightingale

Camedary, The. Hoofed mammal belonging to the suborder known as Typlopoda. The hybrid offspring of a camel and a dromedary, the Camedary possesses all the attributes of both animals and thus has three humps. Some ten feet long from muzzle to tail, it is sensationally unintelligent but capable of carrying heavy loads in extreme desert temperatures. Its three humps enable it to store immense quantities of water, and it can, if need be, work flat out for as long as three weeks without taking a drink. Situated on the humps are specially bred teats from which, with a modicum of skill, drinking water can be extracted. Camedaries vary in appearance from plug ugly and plain stupid. Although they seem far from ideal mounts, what with their matted coats, shambling gait, half-closed eyes and irksome, bleating voices, they are faithful and amiable by nature, can easily be ridden with the aid of a crude bridle, and have no dietary fads. What is more, their dung makes excellent fuel. Camedary are bred by the →Muggs, a nomadic tribe that has roamed the Demerara Desert from time immemorial, reputedly in search of a legendary city named →Anagrom Ataf.

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