Bookling 01
Charting of a Bookling
General Information
Home: Maybe ancient books
Habitat: The catacombs of Bookholm
Abilities: Hypnosis
Physical Information
Average height: One metre
Extremities: Two arms and legs

Booklings are a race of subterranean cyclopses that inhabit the Catacombs of Bookholm. Their primary residence is known as the Leather Grotto, which was raided and largely destroyed by Rongkong Coma and his bookhunters.

Biology Edit

Small in stature and possessing skins of many colors (similar to Chromobears) and structures, they are invulnerable to disease and decay. They can live many hundreds of years and are not born but appear seemingly out of nowhere, eventually finding their way to others of their own kind (it is supposed that they hatch from ancient books in the deepest parts of the Bookholm catacombs).

Each Bookling is named after a Zamonian author and dedicates his life to memorizing that writer's works. Having no original personalities of their own, each Bookling takes on characteristics from the literature they memorize and their author.

Abilities Edit

These creatures also have the ability to hypnotize any living thing by humming, thus being able to implant images, remove memories, or control the behavior of the creature under hypnosis (which have all been put to both amusing and deadly serious purposes). Their power, however, does not belong to individuals, but can only be used by the population collectively. No less than three Booklings together can hypnotize, and the more Booklings present, the stronger the hypnotic effect.

Nutrition Edit

Another characteristic peculiar to Booklings is the way that they eat. They read, not only for pleasure and to memorize the works of their authors, but also to nourish and sustain themselves. Different types of writing have different nutritional values, and, like other kinds of creatures, certain Booklings metabolize what they consume better than others.

Other things Edit

Little of the above information is known to the residents of Bookholm, however, as the Booklings have always taken great pains to cultivate a terrifying reputation in order to frighten other creatures (especially bookhunters) away. They frequently spread rumors and horror stories, describing themselves as huge, vicious, omnivoric monsters that resort to eating books when living food is scarce.

The only outsiders who have ever been brought into the Booklings' society and secrets are Colophonius Regenschein and Optimus Yarnspinner, both of whom vowed to keep the secrets safe, Regenschein died before breaking the aforesaid promise, however Yarnspinner went on to write about them.

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