Bookholm 01
Bookholm (map)
Dullsgard Plateau
General Information
Location Westzamonia
Inhabitants Various Life Forms
Economy: (Antiquarian) bookselling, tourism

Bookholm, or The City of Dreaming Books, features promeniently in the book of the same name. It is a large, slightly disorganized megapolis, built largely upon, and for the exploitation of an ancient, subterranean cache of books, earlier deposited by now-extinct civilizations. Members of nearly all the intelligent species of Zamonia congregate, visit, dwell, and do business here: most of them connected, even distantly, with the book trade. Book hunters, Live Newspapers, and Booklings are unique to Bookholm.  

In the second book of the series, Bookholm has been burned down by Homuncolossus, and rebuilt entirely; but still serves much the same purpose, and now shows a stronger and friendlier civic spirit (the latter abetted, in part, by the communal reconstruction of the city, and maintained in part by the profusion of puppet-theatre). 

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