Bollog Brain, The. The Bollogg’s immense cerebrum consists of two parts or so-called hemispheres traversed by deep furrows [sulci] and subdivided by a principle fissure [sulcus maximus]. This cerebrum is assumed to be the seat of consciousness, memory, and volition. Also based there are fear, humor, hunger, and – depending on the character of the subject – modesty or megalomania. The cerebellum of a discarded Bollogg head is uninteresting because it controls the tactile sense and muscular coordination, bother of which help to facilitate physical movement, and these, since the discarded head no longer possesses a body, are completely redundant.

Bollogg Brain, The [cont.] Situated in every Bollogg’s brain is a so-called Lake of Oblivion, a pool of liquid forgetfulness not unlike a lake of boiling pitch. Anyone or anything that falls into it dies of oblivion, a peculiarly drastic form of demise because nothing remains of the deceased, not even a vague recollection.

Bollogg Brain, The [cont.] Liquid Forgetfulness, which consists of equal parts of hydrochloric acid, and Bollogg bile, is inhibited by millions of voracious mortality bacteria. Anyone taking a dip in the Lake of Oblivion is unlikely to survive as if he had jumped naked into the crater of an active volcano.

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