Bollogg, The. The Bollogg [Cyclops stupidus] belongs to the Giant Cyclops family, which includes all one-eyed, outsize life forms over 75 feet in height. Although Giant Cyclopses do not exceed 500 feet as a rule, a Bollogg can grow to a height of two miles and is thus the only living creature to be classified among Zamonia's exceptional natural disasters [→Eternal Tornado, The, or →Sharach-il-Allah, The]. It has even been inferred from skeletal remains that Bolloggs existing in very ancient times could attain a height of twelve miles. Fortunately, very few Bolloggs still survive in Zamonia. They are currently estimated to number no more than half a dozen.
Bollogs posses the unique ability to survive without a head. Although born with heads, they lose all forms of social awareness and communicative instinct the bigger they get. When they reach a height of 150 feet, if not before, their capacity for human contact disappears. Their ability to speak, which is only rudimentary to begin with, becomes completely atrophied, and their brains are scarcely needed any more. From 5000 feet onwards the Bollogg attains that rare state of independence in which sense organs such as eyes and ears become superfluous. At 6000 feet or thereabouts, most Bolloggs discard their heads, which are, in any cases, only loosely connected to the rest of their biosystem. From then onwards they take in nourishment through their pores, which are so big that birds, mice, and even piglets and lambs can be ingested and fed into the circulation. A Bollogg has only to roll around in a field of wheat to satisfy its hunger for months to come. The discarded head is usually left behind [an average Bollogg head can exceed 1200 feet in diameter) while the rest of the body continues on its way. presumably in search of its missing cranium.

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