• Pokedude565

    I'm not certain anyone will actually read this, but regardless, I feel I should at least say something~ Unfortunuately, the last two years of my life have not been the best; in all honesty, I'm quite surprised I'm still alive today~ The last six months have been mostly of recovery, though, and for once, I am able to be happy again~ (:

    I apologize for becoming a mod and then promptly disappearing; I've learnt now that such responsibilities are not for me~ I also highly doubt I'll be coming back to this wiki; while I may contribute occasionally, it will never be more than a few edits at a time~ Still, I do hope this wiki will continue to grow, and I thank anyone who has ever contributed to it~ (:

    I guess this is pretty much a goodbye from the …

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  • Ahndohun

    Hi there.

    I'm new here. And I'm a geek for Zamonia, but I think we all are. Or else why would we be spending our time typing up verbatim from a fictional encyclopedia, or summarizing fantasy books, or compiling lists and categorizing fictional encyclopedia entries? (I'm doing that)

    So yeah. This is just an introduction. Yeah. Cool. Ok. I'm gonna get back to editing.

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  • Ahndohun


    January 10, 2011 by Ahndohun


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  • Noobma

    My life's blog.

    December 18, 2009 by Noobma
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  • Da Dragon555

    Hello all!

    December 2, 2009 by Da Dragon555

    My name is Da_Dragon555, and I'm your friendly neighborhood Admin here at the Walter Moers Wiki!

    I'm still rather new to Wiki-Format, so I'm going to be looking for people that are up on their wiki-coding to be able to create some infoboxes and the like.
    I've also gotten some free time lately, so I should be able to get things rolling again. I have also re-read the books, and am going through Bluebear another time as well, and will be adding pages from that as I go. I also have plans to get some scans up of some of the characters.

    This looks to be a rather interesting time for this wiki. I also want to thank all the users who have been active in my absence. Thanks.

    Da_Dragon555 10:15, December 2, 2009 (UTC)

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