Battle of Nurn Forest
Copper Killers
The Copper Killers
General Information
Kind of event: Battle
Participants: Various Life Forms
Location: Nurn Forest

The battle of Nurn Forest consisted of many different Zamonian Life Forms. The reason for it has been forgotten in time. They were the best equipped for their time. However, neither side won and both had major casualties.

By coincidence, Grailsundian master surgeons, itinerant watchmakers, armorers, locksmiths and alchemists all gathered at the aftermath of the battle. By combining their skills, they managed to make the Copper Killers out of the remaining weapons and armor. They then created their leader, General Ticktock out of all that remained.

Zoltep Zaan who was one of the alchemists walked forward and offered to place a nugget of zamonium in place of General Ticktock's heart. This he did under a blanket so that nobody could be sure where it was. However, after being created, General Ticktock turned against his creators and order the Copper Killers to kill them. Among the few that got away was Zoltep Zaan.

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