Atlantis. Capital and seat of government of the continent of Zamonia. Classified as a megalopolis, Atlantis is divided into five administrative districts, each of which really constitutes a kingdom in its own right: Naltatis, Sitnalta, Titalans, Tatilans, and Lisnatat. These urban districts are, in their turn, divided into subdistricts: NALTATIS into Santalit, Tisalant, Satalint, Sitaltan, Tintasal, Tansalit, and Anstlati; SITNALTA into Stalinta, Satintal, Stanilat, Talnatis, Nastilat, Titanlas, and Tinsalat; TITALANS into Alastint, Lisatant, Aslitant, and Santatil. As for LISNATAT, whose inhabitants voted against subdivision, it is merely divided into North Lisnatat, South Lisnatat, East Lisnatat, West Lisnatat, and Centre Lisnatat. All the above subdistricts are divided into subsubdistricts whose enumeration would transcend the scope of this publication. At the time of writing, each of the five administrative districts is inhabited by approximately 25 million living creatures so the total population of Atlantis may be put at roughly 125 million, or, if one includes all the anonymous, unregistered creatures resident in the sewers, at almost 200 million.

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