Atlantis (map)
South-east Zamonia
General Information
Location formerly Zamonia
Inhabitants Various Life Forms
Sights Ilstatna

Culture and Government Edit

Atlantis was shaped by many cultural influences and probably was the most multi-cultural of all the Zamonian cities since inhabitants of various forms of life from all over Zamonia and the rest of the world at that time lived in it. Atlantis was located next to the ocean and had a port that allowed the exchange of goods between Zamonia and other continents. The city was governed exclusively by Norselanders after the dispute with the humans, which in general had great influence on the Zamonian politics.

As in the rest of Zamonia, Humans were much more frequent in Atlantis in earlier times, as the population of the city consisted of about a third of them. While Humans have become very rare on the continent, they hadn't been allowed in Atlantis for quite some time, which is due to the succession disputes.

The city guard traditionally consists of Yetis wearing glass caps and hard-to-define armament. They stand at the numerous city gates and ask every form of existence that wants to pass them, whether they are in contact with Humans or are a human being themselves (the latter is almost always superfluous, but must be asked by law). Above each city gate is a plaque with the following inscription: Atlantis The city with a future

Architecture and Cultural Influences Edit

The architecture of Atlantis was as diverse as its inhabitants: Ant People had built tall termite-like buildings, the Invisibles bizarre, copper-coloured buildings, the Italians statues and domes, the Chinese a miniature wall through the city. Parts of the city are criss-crossed by channels built by the Venetians. There are also Atlantic pyramids whose entrances are unknown. They supposedly serve as a retreat for Chimeras, and it is also said that the dead buried inside them follow a normal daily routine. During the day the pyramids are popular travel destinations, but at night they are avoided because of the rumours. Even for the strangest needs, there are shops and amenities in Atlantis, thus, e.g. Vampires can legally buy blood from bloodbroking establishments.

Wednesday Edit

In Atlantis, Wednesday is traditionally a day off, when one celebrates the fact that they already have half of the week behind them. Wednesday is also the day the 'Duels of Lies' takes place. On other days of the week, the gladiators only train.

Events Edit

Events The number of events in Atlantis is unprecedented, especially on Wednesday. Particularly popular are the Gebba games and the already mentioned Duels of Lies. Lie Duel culture has great influence in Atlantis. There are also performances in the Colodrom, a giant theatre, performances of lightning-tamers, musical performances and much more. But even outside of Wednesday something is going on in Atlantis day and night. The city never sleeps, if only because it is also inhabited by nocturnal forms of existence.

Food Edit

Some popular foods in Atlantis are:

  • Yeast cakes baked by Kuksbuks and sold for very little money
  • Curry dishes of Semielephants
  • Hoawief pizzas, flatbread garnished in the style of a pizza, recently also in double form (two pizzas on top of each other)
  • Grilled corn on the cob and steamed beer, traditionally sold at Duels of Lies

Problems Edit

Due to the clash of so many cultures, it very often came to protests and blockades within the city, which usually quickly resolved themselves, since such chaos in such a small space was difficult to bear. Since the Ant People collect all the garbage, Atlantis is indeed a very clean city, but there are abandoned quarters in which Kackertratts and vampires (the dangerous, bloodsucking variant) live and breed.

Inhabiting Races Edit

Name Description
African Tangawangs Sedge Gnomes that are not much bigger than children of three but immensely quick, strong and pugnacious
Anklemen no further details are known about them
Ant People human below the waist and formicine above; they can carry objects a hundred times their own weight
Antarctic Fridgetrolls they are hybrids of plants and animals, but resemble icebergs with mouths and eyes, are linguistically gifted and grow up to three meters tall
Auntifers no further details are known about them
Baalbek Wormlets big, spotty giants with bulls’ heads and three sinewy arms; they have good manners but peculiar habits, such as burying themselves waist-deep in loose sand and mutter unintelligible prayers
Big-Footed Bertts half duck, half Bush Witch; more precisely, women with ducks’ bills up top and ducks with very big women’s feet below
Bluddums from the head to the belly they are shaggy black bears with large, protruding teeth. From the belly down they are human with feet size 50 onwards; their hairless legs have blood-red skin
Bollogs they only one eye and their body is very hairy with mostly black, dense fur; in posture, they resemble a gorilla; Atlantis only permits Bollogs under 15 metres of height and with their heads attached
Bozzums no further details are known about them
Bufadistas they have large, toadlike bodies; they often work as singers and musicians on street corners or at fairs and mostly sing about unrequited love
Burrps no further details are known about them
Central Indian Trifakirs always appeared in threes and made a practice of handing out muddle-headed philosophical tracts
Chimeras from the family of overweight pressure-spirits. They are of a gnome-like shape and have a reptilian, iridescent or opalescent skin; they have the evil eye itself, and rarely do their eyes have the same eye colour
Cinnamen the name suggests that they consist of an unknown proportion of cinnamon or at least have a cinnamon-encrusted skin
Corn Demons no further details are known about them
Danish Dunefolk a tribe of existence forms, which, as the name suggests, originate from Denmark
Dogheads their name suggests that their heads are very similar to those of dogs
Dragons (Sewer Dragons) belong to the Scaleworm family, who favour cool, damp, unstressful conditions on account of their high blood pressure
Draks amusing little mini dragons belonging to the goblin family; good-natured, well-meaning house spirits that can turn into wet dogs for a brief period
Duodwarfs they have a talking belly in addition to their head; their head and stomach are constantly in disagreement - no matter what - so they must constantly quarrel with themselves
Dwerrogs ferretlike creatures with projecting teeth and good manners
Earspoonlets an acoustic vampire that feeds on speech; they are a little bigger then dachshunds but have hearing organs the size of a young elephant
Fangfangs externally resemble the Norselanders, but in contrast to these are up to ten feet tall; they also have small, human, tight ears. They behave uncultured and occasionally fall into groups of 100 to 150 drunk men in Atlantis, which ends in destruction and mass brawls.
Florinthian Klodds

a very social species of large dogbat with wings and dark fur

Gargylls a winged species of gnome whose appearance varies greatly as their ancestors came from a wide variety of contents and had inbred over the millennia; they take care of any minor misdemeanours
Ghorks no further details are known about them
Gibbetkins no further details are known about them
Glacier Gophers they originate from Greenland
Gogmagogs no further details are known about them
Grailsundian Hazelwitches they are hunchbacked, have limbs of nodular wood and wear garments of green leaves; they have long wooden fingers and a yellow tongue
Gryphons breathtakingly beautiful lion-eagle crossbreeds with huge, death angel like black wings; Atlantis’ unofficial police force
Hackonians universally popular, soft-hearted, incorrigibly romantic, and never at a loss for a word of praise
Halfway Humans they are a form of existence originating from New Zealand, although the name suggests that they are a small form of existence.
Harvest Home Hamsters creatures that originate from the Harvest Home Plains
Hoopoes a bird species, pursued by nearly everyone as their feathers are allegedly meant to bring good luck in matters of the hearts; they only feel safe around Gryphons and Gargylls
Horned Imbicels they are characterized by being the most difficult-to-understand civilized form of existence, as they communicate with a raspy chant that sounds like an opera singer with a moth in his throat. However, since nobody talks to them, this problem settles itself
Invisibles social misfits and radical dropouts who have retreated to the ancient, disused severs of Atlantis; some say they truly are invisible
Irish Druids peaceable but not wholly innocuous; they were said to be able to turn people into a harp or a lump of peat if their native island was insulted
Italian Doomsbirds a cross between a human and a chicken, which means in the true sense that they look outwardly like chickens, but use their deep male bass voices to warn of impending doom
Japanese Bonsai Mites they are, as their name suggests, of small growth and with their average size of 1 cm, they are even smaller than minipirates
Kackertratts mutation that combines the genes of pigeons, rats and cockroaches; they are four to five feet long
Kuksbuks small, round and completely pelted creatures that bake yeast snacks on open grass fires and sell them so cheaply that they have become a staple food in Atlantis
Lemurs according to the name similarity they could have a great resemblance to the real existing lemurs and thus possibly also come from Madagascar, possibly from Yhôll
Mandragors semi-human plants of the deadly nightshade family; they have rootlike arms and legs which they use to cling to people
Melanosprites the name suggests that they are relatively small and have a black skin colour
Melusines a hairless type of dwarf with a penchant for gossip and a positively artistic way of dealing brush, comb, and scissors
Midgard Serpents as long and massive as an anaconda but harmless as an earthworm
Monastocalves judging by the name, they seem to be at least partially cow-like and apparently live according to the customs of monks
Muchwater Mannikins a form of existence originally from Silesia; apart from the fact that they are obviously very sociable and constantly in hordes, nothing is known about them
Nineslayers no further details are known about them
Noontide Ghouls look like paper cut-outs and prefer to get up to their tricks in the middle of the day, forfeiting their spooky appearance
Norns no further details are known about them
Norselanders bipedal elks with human bodies and extremely long, sensitive, protruding ears.
North Zamonian Zombies
Olfactile / Small Olfactile a form of smell vampire that feeds on body odours; they have long bodies with 4-15 noses 
Paradise Worms it can be assumed that they have a worm-like form of existence
Peat Witches
Pixies they are something like intelligent bees; in Atlantis, it's hard to eat a piece of pie without being spotted by at least one elf, however, they are never killed, as the superstitious people believe that it brings bad luck

wood goblins that are skilled craftsmen; it is said that only they can produce a Pixie star that deters Chimeras

Raving Maenads devotees of the god Dionysus who like to dress up in animal skins and dance through the streets until they pass out; they have women’s bodies and wildcats’ faces
Rickshaw Demons they are a fast means of transport in larger cities; they carry around other forms of existence and loads on their humps with high speed and power
Rumplestilts although they have never been described in detail, it is likely that they share several similarities with the fairy tale character Rumpelstiltskin and therefore probably belong either to the group of dwarfs or gnomes
Semi-mummies the name suggests that they are partly mummified; it is completely unclear what the other half could be
Semielephants they are extremely fast chefs because of their many arms and trunk (a total of seven "hands" as the trunk can be used as a hand too); they can simultaneously perform many tasks, take orders and serve customers
Shivering Sound Shrews no further details are known about them
Tabacco Elves dwarves that originate from the jungles of South American with olive complexion; they have four-fingered hands, claw feet, a furry tail, heavily hairy skin and bulbous noses. They also have green blood as they lack adrenaline, as a result, they are unable to feel fear
Toothworms originally natives of the Swiss Alps with subservient and grovelling personalities; Bluddums often keep them as salaried domestic pets and use them to fetch their newspapers
Transylvanian Werewolves traditionally run the bloodbroking businesses
Troglotrolls about 50 cm tall and very insidious. His skin is littered with pimples and greenish.

they collect the slimy trail of Midgard Serpents to make a soup alleged to render one immortal (this was never proven as Twerrps, who live to at least a thousand, consume all of it themselves)

Vampires black cats the size of a full-grown mastiff with the face of a maddened baboon and short wings sprouting from their shoulders
Venetian Midgets dwarves with a great liking for canal construction, mostly from homesickness
Voltigorks they are known for their musical talents
Witthogs very slim, philosophically gifted semi-pigs with a markedly ascetic streak that love to debate
Wolpertingers there is a wild and a civilized variant of the Wolpertinger; their face shape is very variable, they are mostly reminiscent of known breeds, but have a humanoid physique (up to the head) and are up to three meters tall. In addition, they have two simple antlers, which lie between the ears
Yetis fully covered in white hair and of impressive stature; glassy red eyes and around 80 teeth
Yhôllian Bloodslurpers obese mountain demons with two faces
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